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Our passionate team provides unforgettable experiences to travelers who are looking to explore the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia. Our tours are carefully crafted to showcase the diverse and rich culture of the kingdom, and we take pride in providing an authentic, immersive experience.



Celebration of Saudi is the perfect introduction to Saudi Arabia, offering guests a fun and interactive tour of the kingdoms gastronomic highlights, while showcasing the kingdoms cultural heritage with hands-on activities designed to entertain as well as educate.

From learning how to fit your own Shemagh or Hama (Arabic jewelry), to blending your own spices and infusing smoked water, Celebration of Saudi is not just a feast, it’s everything the first time visitor needs to experience.

Our Tours around KSA

Bedouin Experience

SAR 450

Explore the Ancient culture of the Bedouins at a stunning traditional desert camp, learn how these desert nomads survive among the dunes and experience first hand some of their rich traditions.

Honey and Haneeth in Aseer

SAR 490

Walk through one of Saudi Arabia's most treasured archaeological sites, taste some of the world’s finest honeys, and enjoy an incredible demonstration and feast of one of the most iconic dishes of the region

A Taste of Al Ahsa

SAR 490

Discover the millennia-old relationship between the people of Al Ahsa and the bountiful paradise in which they live and learn how this expansive desert oasis has become one of the kingdom's finest producers of food and artisanal goods.

VIP Dining With a Local in Jeddah

SAR 750

Relish a traditional home-cooked meal throughout this unforgettable evening where you will forge connections with the host and gain a profound understanding of daily life in Jeddah

Celebration of Saudi

SAR 450

Celebration of Saudi offers an interactive cultural immersion with fun, food, and storytelling highlighting the best of Saudi culture and traditions, finishing with an exceptional Nadj feast.

Diriyah Dining Experience

SAR 390

A multi-sensory journey back through time, exploring the ancient cuisine and culture of the UNESCO registered historic city of Diriyah.

Walking food tour of Al Balad

SAR 200

An unforgettable culinary adventure where history and gastronomy converge.

Saudi Cooking Class

SAR 750

The flavors of Saudi Arabia’s rich gastronomic heritage are brought to life during this cooking class with a professional chef.

Medina Dining Experience

SAR 175

Medina Dining Experience is the perfect introduction to the region’s culture and cuisine, offering guests a fun and interactive tour of its gastronomic highlights.