Honey and Haneeth in Aseer

Walk through one of Saudi Arabia's most treasured archaeological sites, taste some of the world’s finest honeys, and enjoy an incredible demonstration and feast of one of the most iconic dishes of the region.

At the first stop, get introduced to the regional cooking methods of a mifa oven, before trying your hand at making your own local flatbread.

Next, you will visit a local souq where you are given a guided tour of the shops and produce, then given time to explore and make purchases before journeying up winding roads into the surrounding mountains, where stops will be made at a selection of stunning viewpoints.

Heading to the home of a famous local haneeth chef you will see the careful preparation of this special local delicacy. Whilst it’s left to slow cook, you will be taken to spend time and explore the stunning heritage village of Rijal Alma.

Next, head down the famous Al Samma road of Al Souda to the Honey Hut for a lesson in beekeeping and a full tasting experience.

Finally return to eat the iconic haneeth and a classic local dessert called areeka.

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Honey and Haneeth in Aseer
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