Medina Dining Experience

From ancient spice route aroma games to blending your dukkah and infusing smoked water, the Medina Dining Experience is so much more than a delicious local feast, it’s everything a first-time visitor needs to experience.

Begin your journey being shown the tools, steps and etiquette required to make and drink traditional Arabic coffee. Learn how the rhythmic sounds of the Nijr are used as a welcoming signal for people to join, before playing a traditional Bedouin rhythm together.

Next, learn about the ancient spice routes and put your sense of smell to the test in a spice identification game, before blending Saudi Arabia’s #1 spice mix, from Medina, to use on your food and take home as a souvenir.

Watch the ancient technique of preparing traditional smoke-infused water, before taking your seat around a feast of famed Medini rice dishes.

After the meal, be shown how to use a miswak, a natural toothbrush that dates back thousands of years, and learn the uses and local etiquette of burning oud.

To finish smell, touch and taste the differences between the famous mints of Medina, then enjoy a tea infusion mixing them together the local way.

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Medina Dining Experience
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