Saudi Cooking Class

The flavors of Saudi Arabia’s rich gastronomic heritage is brought to life during the experience via an engaging professional chef host who leads the group through live demonstrations and easy to follow recipes, allowing the group to discover the secrets of cooking Saudi cuisine.

Begin your journey by meeting the chef over coffee and dates as they introduce everyone to the space, the equipment, and the traditional recipes that will be made during the class.

After introductions, split into teams, don your aprons and hats and head to the pantry to choose all your ingredients with your shopping list and basket.

The preparation of the dishes are done under the watchful eye of the chef, who is there to help every step of the way giving important culinary tips and interesting facts about the dishes and ingredients being used.

Once everyone has finished cooking, the dishes are all beautifully plated and garnished, then taken to a communal table for everyone to eat and share their delicious Saudi creations.

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Saudi Cooking Class
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